• 2021

    Launching of the Ultra-thin Accessory T-GER

    Site Selection and Construction Plan for Capa Expansion Plant 2

    Acquisition of Materials, Parts, and Equipment Specialized Company Certification

    Registration of 1 Domestic Patent

    Application of 1 Domestic Patent

  • 2020

    Attraction of Investments from KBI and Investment Companies (5.8 Billion Won)

    Completion of the Development of Foldable Glass Products

    Acquisition of the ISO14001:2015 Certification

    Domestic Patent Registration (8)

    4 Patent Applications Related to UTG (Ultra-thin Glass)

  • 2019

    Changing of Company Name from Coses Co., Ltd. → Coses GT Co., Ltd

    Development of Foldable Glass Products

    Acquisition of Certificate for Intellectual Property Management

    Domestic Patent Registration (1)

  • 2018

    Establishment of 3D Printing Equipment Automation Line for Mobile Phones

    Supplementation of 3D Printing Mass Production Equipment for Mobile Phones

    PCT Patent Application (2)

    Domestic Patent Registration (5)

    Domestic Patent Application (8)

    Sales of Smartphone 3D Printing Equipment (China)

    Capital Increase of 500 Million Won

  • 2017

    Domestic Patent Application (7)

    Selection as an Investor-linked Technology Development Company

    Acquisition of the ISO 9001 Certification

    Attraction of Investments from KBI and the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (2.3 Billion Won)

    Establishment of an Affiliated Research Center

    Relocation of Company Gumi -> Ochang

    Selection of Material and Components Project and Registration of Industrial Complex Factory

  • 2016

    Establishment of Corporation

    Venture Company Certificate (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

    Acquisition of Order for Mobile Phone Curved Surface Printing Machine

    Capital Increase and Completion of Automotive Electronic Product Line

    Relocation of Company Bucheon -> Gumi