Printing system

3D Glass Direct Printing (for Automobiles / Mobile Phones)

  • A direct printing equipment that applies the Gravure offset technology to vehicle and mobile 3D glass;
    a direct printing equipment optimized for 3D glass that can print down to the chamfer while minimizing film thickness.
  • We provide mass production technology solutions that meet the needs of our customers based on automation technology with a printing time of under 3 seconds per cell.
MethodGravure offset
Printing Tolerance±0.03mm
Printing Thickness≤ 10um
Optical Density Value≥ 5.2
Chamfer Surface Printingpossible
Printing Time3sec
Surface Adhesion38 dyne
Securing View Area Straightness
Minimization Measures for
Air Bubbles Generated during Printing

Vehicle Application


SizeMax. 1,200 * 500 * 45mm
Glass Thickness0.5mm ~ 2.2mm
TypeCurved, Concave, Bended, Convex