About the Lab

Based on our mobile glass manufacturing technology, we established a company-affiliated research center in June 2017
to develop parts and materials used in cutting, polishing, strengthening, molding, and printing the equipment.
Since 2018, we have been accelerating the development of ultra-thin glass manufacturing methods and equipment.

R&D Performances

Development of 3D Curved Glass Manufacturing Method

  • Development of Molding Equipment Using Diatomaceous Earth
  • Development of a Gravure Offset Printing Device Capable of Precision Printing
  • Development of Curved Glass Printing Jig
  • Development of a Manufacturing Method for Camera Window Glass
  • Development of Curved Glass Light Blocking Part Trimming Method

Development of Protective Film Molding Technology

  • Development of Molding Method for Curved Protective Film

Development of UTG Manufacturing Method and Equipment

  • Development of Thin Cover Glass Manufacturing Method
  • Development of Thin Glass Lamination Device and Lamination Method