UTG(Ultra Thin Glass)

  • As a key component of foldable smartphones,
    this ultra-thin tempered glass is thinner and more durable than plain tempered glass.
  • Secured the technology to remove progressive micro-cracks that break the glass upon impact and the chemical strengthening technology to achieve the minimum R value of the glass radius.
  • Secured glass surface treatment technology to maintain stable repeatability of 250,000 times.
  • Establishment of mass production system by developing dedicated facilities to secure stable productivity and improvement of yield.
  • With UTG for foldable phones, we manufacture the glasses in the desired shapes of our customers, with 30~70㎛ thickness, and provide a total solution for PET film lamination.
  • Moreover, we are capable of producing large-size UTGs such as tablets, laptops, and monitors, including sizes of 6.7-inches to 8.2-inches for foldable smartphones.

UTG for Foldable Phones

UTG Folding specification

ThicknessFolding radiusRepeatability
30 ㎛0.9R200,000cycle
50 ㎛1.5R200,000cycle
70 ㎛2.0R200,000cycle


Notebook & Large size Monitor

Size10.1”~ 14”15” ~ 17.8”
Thickness70㎛, 100㎛100㎛
Folding radius3.0R4.0R

Size and Thickness of UTG’s Product Line

Model6.7inch7.6inchNote Book(17.8inch)
Thickness0.035mm / 0.05mm0.3mm / 0.05mm0.1mm
Size156.63 x 71.13165.98 x 125.16359.09 x 272.64

Reliability Folding Test (Repeatability 400,000 Times)

  1. Environmental Testing Conditions: -20℃ 96hrs after 80℃ 96hr / continuous test (2 seconds at a time)
  2. Glass Thickness: 50um / 1.5R Folding

UTG Main Process

SpecificationsEquipment PhotosProperties
Laser Shape Processing
  • UTG Processing Capacity: 30㎛ ~ 100㎛
  • Minimization of Chipping Size: 5㎛ or less
  • Secured Round Processing Capability
  • Fast Glass Lamination Speed
  • Secured Quality Through Laminating Agent Application and Glass Lamination Uniformity
  • Improved Working Environment Through Automation
Chemical Strengthening
  • Improved Strength by Changing the Glass Material (Na ↔ K Substitution)
  • Changes of Glass Reinforcement Characteristics Controllable (Dol, CS)
    - DOL : Depth of layer
    - CS : Compress Stress
  • Special Material Applied to SUS Jig for Glass Impact Alleviation